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The phone:400-6666-322

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The site of factory:Shenzhen baoan district songgang street in shenzhen636Number(The pine107Interchange/The tsingtao brewery)

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Protective film,PEProtective film,PETProtective film,Protective film manufacturers

Protective film manufacturersSanchuan film is founded2001Years,Is located in shenzhen baoan songgang pine107The interchange,The transportation is convenient,With a strong production and development capacity,In coating industry,Implement quality system、Products supporting services,Industry leading technology,Fist productsPhotoelectric protective film、Screen protection film、PETProtective film、PEProtective film,CPPProtective film、OPPProtective film、PVCProtective filmSuch as one-stop equipment,For high growth effectively improve quality and reduce manufacturing costs and make a difference!Welcome to regional distributors and marketing partners,Win-win cooperation! >>More and more