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The simulation plant wallhx001The simulation plant wallhx002M bluegrass simulation plants indoors wallThe simulation plant wallhx003
Japanese restaurant simulation cherry treesVertical greening plant simulation wallThe simulation plant wallhx004Interior decoration wall simulation plants

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Choose heng xiang artificial plants4The big advantage

Focus on research and development for years、Design、Production
You trusted customization enterprise simulation plants

My company mainly research and development production of various seriesHigh qualityThe simulation of plant、The simulation tree,The simulation of flowers、Wall art plants,The simulation of pot,Simulation of large landscape and artificial rockwork, etcVarieties as many as thousands of kinds,Novel design,Craft exquisite;Factory direct sale,No middlemen,Price has great advantage

Has a number of highly qualified engineering and technical personnel
Professional undertaking various places of large engineering projects

To undertake all kinds of large-scale water park,The theme park,KongLongGuan layout,The hotel project,Household square design, etcLarge engineering projects;The company has a number of highly qualified engineering and technical personnel and administrative personnel,The engineering process as it goes,Don't miss time limit for a project,Quality assurance

No peculiar smell,No pollution,Widely popular with the customers
Imported raw materials and dye,Without any harmful additives

Choose high qualityImported materials,Without any harmful additives,To people and environment are harmless,Natural environmental protection,No peculiar smell,No pollution,And have waterproof、Corrosion resistance、Mouldproof、Non-flammable, etc;The product sells in distant marketsSouth America,In North America,Europe,Japan,Southeast Asia and other countries

Around the clock,Whole-hearted service every customer
24Hours all-weather service,To provide more convenient、Efficient、Perfect service

Since its establishmentFor China vanke,Evergrande property,Country garden,ZaraClothing brand chain,U.S. mobile KongLongGuan dinosaur science museum and sichuanSuch as production of high quality simulation tree and similar plants,And get the customer consistent high praise from all walks of life

ProductsAre soldSouth America,In North America,Europe,Japan,Southeast Asia and other countries

Modelling is novel,Are of good quality,AndAccording to the customer's requirementsProfessional design and customization
The service hotline:0769-83981018
As wellThousands of kindsHigh qualityThe simulation productsProduction sales、To undertake projects ... ...


Simple ingenuity in design,Plant design expression of the abstract concept,Make the true、Be good、Imitation of the natural form of beauty

Vivid and lifelike

Imported material,Modelling is vivid,Has a strong form aesthetic feeling,Administrative levels feeling,Colour and lustre is bright,Rich stereo feeling

Harmless environmental protection

Raw material and dye,Harmless to people and environment;And have waterproof、Corrosion resistance、Mouldproof、Non-flammable, etc

Fine workmanship

The technology of pure handmade,Each refinement,Exquisite and full,The careful design,Ornament is a good time
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About the heng xiang
Dongguan heng xiang simulation plant co., LTD
Dongguan heng xiang simulation plant co., LTD,Dedicated to the simulation of plant industry,With many years of rich experience in production management,We are mainly engaged in research and development production Various series of high quality artificial plants、The simulation tree、The simulation of flowers、The simulation plant wall、The simulation of pot、Large simulation landscape and rockery View other varieties as many as thousands of kinds。To undertake all kinds of large-scale water park、The theme park、KongLongGuan layout、The hotel project、Household square design, etc Type of project。
Company's existing plant thousands of square of exhibition hall,Is located in changping town, dongguan city,Company products are exported to South America,In North America,Europe,Japan,In the east South Asia, etc...【To view more】
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Dongguan heng xiang simulation plant co., LTD
The ground The address:Changping town, dongguan city, pine pond next to the police station
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The Lord The camp:Large simulation gardens、Landscape and artificial rockwork
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Product knowledge

Product knowledge
The file name:The leaves of the treeUVThe technical specificationsClick on the download
The file type:WordFile
Content abstract:This manual contains the leavesUVThe technical specifications

The file name:Flower POTS production processClick on the download
The file type:PPTFile
Content abstract:A simple introduction flowerpot production process
News centerThe simulation of plant,Also known as artificial plants,For English translation:Artificial plant,Generally speaking is plastic,Glass fiber reinforced plastic,Cement,A bubble,Textiles,Paper and so on some artificial products through a certain process to produce the fake plants with real plants form,In addition to this,Made of real plants by baking and fumigation fresh plants also called imitation...
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Industry information

Industry information
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