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Many years focused on silicone rubber products production and sales

Professional design、Research and development、Production of silicone rubber products
Exquisite technology,High quality products

A diversity of products,To figure custom

Support for processing
According to customer requirements to sample or production according to drawing,Can be single/Double-sided adhesive or back
Die stamping forming

Product quality and cheap

Factory to customer,Save a variety of distribution link in the middle,Direct benefit to the customer
Diversified business model,Product diversification of refinement

Perfect after-sales service

Perfect customer service system,Let you get one-to-one considerate service

The fine artsSilica gel products8Great features

High production efficiency,Period of stability,Are of good quality,The price is reasonable
  • 01
    Resistance to high temperature
    Applicable temperature range-40To230Degrees Celsius
  • 02
    With long time
    The silicone material chemistry performance is very stable,System
    Products,Have a longer life than other materials
  • 03
    Environmental protection
    From raw materials into the factory to the finished product delivery does not produce
    Hazardous substances
  • 04
    Electric insulation performance
    Silicone rubber has the very high resistivity,The high pressure
    Corona discharge and arc discharge has good resistance
  • 05
    Electrical conductivity
    Such as keyboard conductive contact point、The electric heating element components、
    Antistatic component、High voltage cable shielding, etc
  • 06
    The weathering resistance
    For a long time in the ultraviolet and other climatic conditions,Its
    And only a small change of physical properties
  • 07
    Thermal conductivity
    When add some thermal conductive filler,Silicone rubber is
    Good thermal performance,Such as heat sinks、The copier, etc
  • 08
    Soft and comfortable,The most flexibility,No deformation,
    Don't burst, etc
  • The fine arts- One-stop service process

    Let your provinceThe money、ProvinceForce、ProvinceHeart
    About the fine arts
    About us

      Dongguan qiaotou fine art packaging products factory is located in the enjoyment of lotus town qiaotou town, dongguan city, guangdong province,With excellent geographical location,The pearl river delta。Our company is a collection of production、Processing as one of the manufacturers。The main products areEVAFoam MATS、Fire protectionEVAFoam、ColorEVAThe cartoon、CamouflageEVARubber gasket、Rubber MATS、Rubber cushions、The rubber handle、Rubber parts package metal forming、Rubber gasket、The silicone MATS、The silicone gasket、Cellophane tape pad、The silicone buttons、Miscellaneous pieces of silicone、Conductive adhesive buttons、Color silicone placemats、The silicone case、PORONFoam、ShockPORON Floor MATS、3MFoam rubber,WaterproofPEFoam rubber and other products。
      The fine arts company hold ride“The quality for this,Customer first,Mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit”The management idea,Product quality assurance。The company all my colleagues will be long-term unremitting efforts,Improve the quality of products,Maintain customer interest,Sincerely offer you the demand of products and services,Be your reliable business partner。We have strong design and scientific research and technology strength.....

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    PEFoam substrate double-sided adhesive is soft、Attach the sex is good、Initial adhesion and high adhesion,The solvent resistance and good resistance to ultraviolet,For general thickness0.4-1.0MM,Short term heat resistance130-150℃,Long term heat resistance80-93℃,Suitable for air conditioner...
    EVAFloor mat it flexible、Light、Good density、Elastic better as a cushioning material to protect the products in foreign shock absorption and dispersion,Also can stick on the product surface shock anti friction role。At the same time,EVAHas the thermal insulation...
    Cap gasket briefly electrician commonly used insulation materials according to their different chemical properties,Can be divided into inorganic insulation material、Organic insulating materials and hybrid insulation。Common inorganic insulation material:Mica、Asbestos、Marble、Porcelain...
    1、The single side of gumporon,LEDAround:To prevent、Absorb the impact、High air tightness;2、poronAnti-shock pad,PCBThe surrounding:Absorb the impact、Absorb the shock、Fill the gap、Heat insulation effect...